Для тех, кто постоянно тыкает предательски в "продажеость " женскую

When Lilith refused to “lie beneath” Adam

It wasn’t an act of rebellion.

That’s a patriarchal projection.

She was refusing to pervert the natural order.

She was no badass, warrior woman.

She was no demon or rebel.

You can’t rebel against what has never been the rule.

She was simply the primordial Feminine staying true to organic law.

Embracing her divine nature.

Woman is not servant to man.

Earth does not submit to the domination of Humans.

The Goddess of Incarnation cannot be conquerered.

The Feminine dimension of Reality cannot be pinned down by order.

Lilith was just keeping it real.

Refusing to participate in the attempt to turn an inversion into divine law.

Once she split, the “male god” then performed the miracle of creating a woman out of a mans body.

Adam gave birth to Eve while the He-God watched on.

Lilith is no sinner.

She’s the scapegoat of Patriarchy’s perverted inversion.

She’s the intact feminine.

She's the one in Devotion to the Real.

She’s the keeper of the Secret.

The Big Secret.

The One at the root of Everything.

Before the devil called itself god and turned the goddess into the devil.

All hail the primordial Feminine.

Lilith. Inanna. Isis. Hathor.

She who has no name and who

Is every name.

She doesn’t worship the imposter.

Won’t lie down and submit to a distortion.

She can’t be carved into a Line.

Her language is Spiral and Circle.

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